Tofu House!

People laugh when I say my family mostly eats Asian food. Or for a while we did. They would laugh and tell me I was an American Jew, so definitely not Asian. But the thing is, there is so much good Asian food out there. And the great thing about it is that most of it is healthy! My parents run a weight loss company called Kurbo, so it is really no surprise that we try and eat healthy food. In addition to always making Asian food at home, when we go out to dinner, we usually go to Asian food. If you drive south to Santa Clara or Sunnyvale, you will find a plethora of Asian restaurants. One particularly great place is called Orenchi Ramen. But to be quite honest, my absolute favorite type of Asian food is Korean.

I LOVE Korean food. I must go to it almost every other week. I love the small plates that come out beforehand, and I love the flavors during. One of my favorite Korean restaurants that happens to be about 2 miles from my house is called Tofu House. It is terrific. I almost always get the bibimbap, though sometimes I get their specialty, the tofu soup. If I go in a large group, the ribs and seafood pancake are also super. It is such comfort food, not because it reminds me of my childhood (I technically am still a child), but because the food is warm and cozy. Don’t go to Tofu House if you want a tranquil dining experience. Go to Tofu House if you want to be in a bustling restaurant with amazing food. Go prepared to see Stanford graduate school students collaborating at the table next to you, or to see people that remind you of your favorite KPop singer. Go if you want to see me, because chances are, I will be there.